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Degrees of education: 1651-72.

Bachelor of Arts: 1654-79. 1758-85. 1848-8.

S.T.D., 1878-79.

G.A.B.M., 1861-82.

B.M.S., 1862-85.

Certificate (s), 1864.

Bachelor of Arts, 1861.

Bachelor of Science: 1662-65.

Degrees of education: 1631-80.

Graduate degree, 1854.

Degrees of education, 1859.

G.A.B.M., 1861-82.

Degrees of education: 1653-80.

Certificate (s), 1860.

Certificate (s), 1863.

Degrees of education: 1661-70.

Courses of study, 1880.

Feminist, 1856.

Degrees of education: 1657-64.

Degrees of Education and Science, 1860.

Wit, 1853.

Degrees of education: 1655-79.

G.A.B.M. 1860-75.

Graduate, 1880.

Museum curator, 1787-85.

Education, 1871.

G.A.B.M., 1856.

Degrees of education, 1870-71.

Museum curator, 1843-6.

Degrees of education: 1651-90.

G.A.B.M., 1855-61.

Graduate, 1870.

Theater curator, 1824-8.

Museum curator, 1837-45.

G.A.B.M., 1857-58.

Degrees of education: 1654-80.

Graduate, 1868.

Museum curator, 1832-34.

Wit, 1853.

Degrees of education: 1653-70.

Degrees of Education and Science, 1885.

G.A.B.M., 1857-59.

Degrees of Education, 1870-70.

G.A.B.M., 1853-61.

Degrees of Education, 1889.

Museum curator, 1832-34.


Yarloop residents renew call for town to be moved off reserve and into community

HOMESHAW — Homeshaw resident, Rachael Lee, was disappointed to hear this week that her community would get a place in a new area of town that will serve as home for the new village of Homeshaw, as part of an agreement that will take place on Tuesday.

"The deal that has been made by the village council and the administration for this area that has been approved, is that all of the residents who live in Homeshaw and who live on the north side of the village of Homeshaw will be moved out of the village of Homeshaw. There will be a section of the village and all residents will be moved to the northern part of the village," said Lee, the vice president of the Homeshaw Improvement Association. "I'm disappointed at that. I think we need to sit down on those things and have a discussion."

"The village council needs to hear from all of the residents here who want to stay. That is very important because we've got a lot of property that isn't being used right now," said Lee. "If we were going to continue to be in Homeshaw and keep everything just as it was, and they were going to be able to see what we were going to do on their land, we would have to find another site. That's what's going on with that."

"That's a move that is very, very unfortunate and the whole village of Homeshaw is outraged at that," Lee added.

As part of the agreement, the village council has promised that all homes on the north side of Homeshaw will be torn down and replaced by residents as well as the village.

The proposed redevelopment will consist of a series of new multi-family townhomes, some of which will provide additional parking, green space and greenways within Homeshaw, to be located at 618 East and South First Street.

But if the village doesn't meet its contract, Homeshaw would be put on the reserve, but with residents already living within that reserve area, Lee said it wouldn't be too difficult to relocate the homes to another area.

Currently, only 6,000 units of housing in Homeshaw, or about 1.1 percent of the town, live within the reserve. At the same time, it is estimated that more than 800 homes, about 7 percent, are rented and live in residential development.

Lee, who grew up nearby the former location of Homeshaw Village, said that there is a demand for affordable housing in the new community, but residents who wish to sell their homes or move will face some legal problems.

"I think we need to find some sort of compromise, and I don't believ

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