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When he was last in office in 2006, he spent 17 hours a week at parliament, and a further 36 in London, in a career that extended across more than 40 years. He served as the chair of the Liberal Democrats for four terms before being elected last July as the party leader on a manifesto promising a strong public sector.

But his speech was interrupted by applause, as a small group of Lib Dem MPs stood to acknowledge him by name in Westminster Hall.

Tory MPs from his former party were not there, but there were numerous cheers and boos for the leader of the home affairs select committee, Julian Huppert, during his speech.

"The only way forward for those in power to take their rightful place is through vigorous debate that takes their view to the public and leads to reform," the speaker said as the Commons was adjourned at 11:15am. "The public interest in such debate should be upheld."

Huppert said that, as he had before, the government was not interested in engaging with his department. "The only way forward for politicians like myself is to be the voice for reform. If we are going to be able to deliver on the government's stated purpose of protecting vulnerable groups, as they have promised, the next prime minister needs to be someone who can put on the record their concerns about public services, the deficit, the deficit, the deficit," he said.

"If you do that, you can win back the trust of your fellow Lib Dem colleagues in the Commons. They will now get a more realistic view of the government's position."

He also pointed out that his own department had taken over the publishing of the government's own documents when he was prime minister. "When I had the chance to ask them: did you really want to have a second chance for publishing the government's economic plans? My answer has always been: no we did not. That is why I have written to my colleague, the chair of the House of Lords business committee, Lord West, to ask him to put the question to my department. I can only assume he will do so."

Pressed on why the current prime minister had refused to answer the question about his department, Huppert said: "I do not believe I can answer the question because I have done it every time, and we all ask questions in Parliament: are you aware of the fact the prime minister's department is the largest for business in Europe, while he himself is the biggest for a business ministry? He is in a difficult position and we must all remember that on paper we are in no worse place than the prime minister."

After Huppert left the chamber, th

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